Maisa has over 10 years of hairdressing expertise, having worked on fashion shows, hair salons, and weddings. She specializes in blondes, balayage, hair health, colour correction, and vivid colour. If you are looking for a hairdresser who will focus on your hair health and achieving your goals, you have found the right one!

A Little Bit About Maisa's Journey

Maisa's first passion in hairdressing was hair health, and it has always defined her work. After years of hairdressing, she discovered that the lack of knowledge offered by prior hairdressers was the source of many hair concerns with her new clients. ​So in 2020, after having to help new customers in rebuilding their hair, she decided to rename her Instagram account and modify its purpose to provide a location where hairdressers and clients could obtain basic hair health information.

Now in 2021 having completed her Business Diploma and spend years helping people with their hair, she decided to rent a space at Jane & Co to serve her clients and build her business. She is dedicated to creating an environment where all feel welcomed and relaxed. She believes in making people feel at ease, and like they are at 'home'.


She hopes that 2022 will bring a new location where she can establish her business and build a welcoming space that reflects her style and personality.