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Maisa has over ten years of experience in the hairdressing industry, having worked on fashion shows, salons, and weddings. Balayage, blondes, hair health, and colour correction are some of her specialities.

Maisa's passion is creating looks for her clients that are tailored to their needs. A good challenge excites her. She is quite interested in the welfare of her clients' hair. "What's the point of colouring your hair if it looks dull and feels like straw?" (Maisa Lima)

Hundreds of damaged hairs have been transformed into dazzling hairs of luxury thanks to her work. "When it comes to hair health, there is no space for compromise. My clients value that in me, and I believe that is the main reason they keep coming back to me. My clients and I both like witnessing how their hair improves over time. My major objective is to show my clients how to get the most out of their hair. " says Maisa


"Hairdresser Blogger, happened by chance. Maisa was managing one of the most prestigious and well-known hair salons in Brisbane, when it all changed. "Life changes from time to time, and I try to make the most of it." (Maisa)

One day her boss informed her that she couldn't take photos of her work unless the shots were utilised to advertise the salon. To put it mildly, she disagreed with his decision. "According to how I saw it, I spent a lot of money and time on education to gain the skills I had, and was going to be unable to use the photographs of my work for education as I intended." (Maisa Lima)

She had had put a year of hard work and invested money into her Instagram account creating a space for people to learn more about their hair. "I didn't want to change the focus of my account from educating individuals to promoting a company. So I quilt my job!" (Maisa)

One day after quitting her job, she found an online ad for a salon chair to rent while shopping for salon furniture. "I didn't want to go see the estabeleshment, but a small voice inside me said I had nothing to lose. So I went! That was the begining of my business."

Her Instagram account was already called Hairdresser Blogger, and she opted to keep it. "I realise "Hairdresser Blogger" is an unusual name for a business, but it reflects my salon's mission of educating clients on how to take care of their hair. " (Maisa)

Maisa is a determined and hardworking soul. She has a lot to offer the hairstyling business. It will be fascinating to watch where her journey takes her.

_Stylish Beauty Cosmetics Product Photograph Collage for Instagram Story (Instagram Post)

"Nobody is monolithic. I'm a hairdresser who also happens to be a business graduate (diploma) with vast expertise in management and hospitality. I have my own business and I'm pursuing a double degree in business and science. I can also dance, rock climb, and, believe it or not, fight. A person is so much more than meets the eye. That's why I enjoy learning about people's personalities." (Maisa)

_Stylish Beauty Cosmetics Product Photograph Collage for Instagram Story (Instagram Post)


What distinguishes Hairdresser Blogger from other salons?

The answer to this question is straightforward. We say "no" to our clients. I understand how it may seem, but occasionally we have to tell a customer no in order to avoid unsatisfactory results and jeopardizing their hair's health. However, this does not imply that the no will endure indefinitely.


What is the mission of Hairdresser Blogger?

My company's purpose is to educate our customers on how to better care for their hair in order to get the most out of it. The concept behind this aim is that clients will finally enjoy wearing their natural hair because it would appear as if they had their hair done at a salon.

What makes Hairdresser Blogger unique?

What distinguishes us is that we provide a wide range of high-end therapies and services focused on hair health. We design a hair program for each of our clients that fits their lifestyle while also altering their hair and assisting them in achieving their hair objectives.

What is your favorite aspect of your company?

I adore everything about my company. Every day, it pushes me to be better at what I do and to gain new abilities. But, if I had to pick one thing, I'd say that seeing how confident the women we serve become is what I enjoy most about my business and what I do. It's fantastic to observe the improvement in their confidence since the first time they came to us.